March 05, 2010

How Interesting Are You? Your Twitter Stream Might Know.

Do you drink too much? Do you have what it takes to be a movie critic? Are you the Foursquare mayor of your own office? A new service, in its infancy, has emerged to find out the answers to those questions and others, by analyzing your Twitter stream, providing you with a score, per category, and pitting your results against those of other Twitter users from across the Web. In its undiscovered phase, the app doesn't have too many results, but if you run the service against your account (and so do your friends), you just might find out you're the biggest social media guru in the world (or the biggest drunk).

How Big a Nerd Are You? Find Out.

Start out by heading to You'll find the site has preloaded a number of questions, including whether you like to cook, whether you are a nerd (I only got 1 point and demand a recount!), or if you are a "real gamer".

One Query's Score Lets Me See the Ranks or Add a Comment

Click "Find out", and after the service taps into your Twitter account, using OAuth, you gain a score, and can view the rank against your peers, in a leaderboard. If so inclined, you can add a comment to that score, which is placed on your result (and your profile). If you don't add a comment the first time, but want to later, just run the query again, and add or edit a comment later.

How Interesting Is It That I'm Not Very Diversified?

Your personal profile (and those of all who use the service) shows the total score you have received, your top 9 scores overall, and even shows the results in a pie chart. With 114 points as a "social media guru" (Boo! Hiss!) and only 38 elsewhere, that result dominates my chart. But if you are less one-sided than I am, you can probably fare better.

Give it a run at You can find my profile at: