March 08, 2010

Four More Join Twitter via Yahoo!, Google, LinkedIn, Retail

Twitter's growing ranks continue to swell practically every Monday this year, and today is no exception, as the blue birded microblogging service added four more to its arsenal today with an interesting mix of well-known tech faces and a curveball, also taking on an executive from a franchise furniture store in San Francisco. The latest hires take the company's full-time roster closer to 150, and swell the number being followed on their official list to more than 170.

Last night, you could see three of the four new hires getting what they called "first day of school anticipation" jitters, as Bryan Haggerty, who championed LinkedIn's mobile development, saw his excitement echoed first by Isaac Hepworth, most recently at Google, and finally by Kristen Cordle, who left Yahoo! earlier this month, getting a goodbye hug from co-founder Jerry Yang.

The three new hires from LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo! are also joined by Caroline Quick, who along with her husband, Josh, built out a furniture business, called EQ3, which launched in 2003 and started to take off the following year. Caroline's LinkedIn profile describes how she oversaw the build-out of two multi-million dollar retail locations in San Francisco and Emeryville, which are the company's top performing stores in North America.

Haggerty's role at LinkedIn, and subsequent move to Twitter, was highlighted by TechCrunch at the end of February, describing his move to Twitter's mobile team.

Isaac Hepworth, who left Google at the end of January after 3 1/2 years there, didn't spend much time on a planned break, announcing his joining Twitter in mid-February. He starts today as a product manager for Twitter after his role at Google as a group program manager focused on partner solutions. Products he impacted while at Google included AdSense, Android and YouTube.

Kristen joins Twitter as an executive assistant to Evan Williams, according to her LinkedIn profile. She was previously executive assistant to Carol Bartz, Yahoo! CEO, and prior to Bartz, she held the same role working with the since-departed Sue Decker.

Despite Isaac's addition and the fact that both Biz and Ev hailed from Blogger, part of Google, Twitter hasn't become completely dominated by former Googlers, as we have seen hires join the company from practically every major tech company since the beginning of the year, including Facebook, Microsoft, Ning, IBM, Six Apart and others as well. The wide array of backgrounds should make for interesting discussions as the company makes strategic decisions going forward.

Editor's Note: A previous version did not denote Kristen Cordle's role and background, which has now been included.

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