February 15, 2010

Blippy Streams Gain Graphics and Video Previews

Even if some may find Blippy's purchase records as exciting as reading old receipts, the site is working to make the platform more interactive and appealing. Just over a week after the service, started by Philip Kaplan, a serial entrepreneur, added popular purchases and lively chatter, Blippy also moved beyond text, to include DVD covers of movies rented from Netflix and iTunes application icons, bringing a little more color to the occasionally sterile feeds.

Blippy still has a way to go before becoming a heated forum for conversation about one's purchases, but the product looks to be naturally evolving in a way that mirrors some of the more popular aggregation services out there, pioneered by FriendFeed, and most recently seen in Google Buzz and Facebook.

iTunes Apps from Blippy Now Show Clickable Icons

When items from Netflix and the iTunes store are added to the Blippy feed, Blippy's army of crawlers tries to spider out relevant imagery. Some Netflix videos even sport related movie previews (and in a couple cases, unrelated YouTube videos).

Blippy Got the Netflix Covers Right, and the Preview Wrong

In other news from the week, Kaplan reported that Blippy will soon be debuting an iPhone application. There is an app on the iTunes store now masquerading as Blippy 1.0, but it is not approved.

To watch my boring purchase history, you can find me on Blippy here: http://blippy.com/louisgray.

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