December 04, 2009

Lazyfeed Real-time Topical RSS Preps Multi-Column Revamp

Lazyfeed's real-time discovery engine for following topics has been among my favorite services to debut this year. The service has made following terms I am interested in, and getting live updates as they pour in, very simple - helping me to further populate my Google Reader and other services with new blogs that I can discover as I see their stories on terms I've hand-selected as my favorites. Early next week, the service will see its most-dramatic overhaul thus far, branching out from a single column interface to one that can take up your entire browser window, with a cascading of news, making the experience feel much more visually rich and watchable, like a TV screen.

The New Lazyfeed: Click to See Full Size

One Corner of the New Lazyfeed as Two Panels Update

In addition to the revamp, Lazyfeed has introduced a new character, Mr. Lazy, who can prompt you to provide more information about popular topics you may be following, such as your favorite director, if you are tracking Movies or the genre of music you like best, if you are following tunes. When you answer, that answer becomes a new tracked topic, further enhancing your stream.

Mr. Lazy Helps Me Populate More Topics. Lazy!

The new experience of Lazyfeed is one that will make you want to avoid blinking. Instead of a passive "3 new updates" type of approach common to many social networking sites (including Facebook and Twitter), the new Lazyfeed's updates cascade in from the top, by topic, prioritizing headlines and showing featured photos. It's an entrancing visual not unlike the first time one experiences TweetDeck and sees the multi-column format come to life.

I've included a quick little silent film to show the new Lazyfeed in action. Until it debuts, you can still get to all your updates at

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