December 09, 2009

Cliqset Clicks With Pubsubhubbub for Real-Time Updates

Social networking aggregation, taking in all your content from around the Web to a central service, as well as seeing updates from around the Web by all your friends, was among one of the biggest trends in 2008, with services like Socialmedian, FriendFeed, Profilactic and others. In 2009, this process has been embraced by another trend - realtime - the goal being that one's updates from around the Web would flow into these sites practically instantaneously. Many of those services, including FriendFeed, are turning to Pubsubhubbub to make this happen. This week, Cliqset, a growing site for social conversation, threw its name in the ring, and its feeds, both in and out, are Pubsubhubbub-enabled.

In a quick note to the Pubsubhubbub Google group, Darren Bounds, creator of Cliqset, said that "all Cliqset user activity feeds are now publishing to the Google hub." In addition, services feeding Cliqset that are Pubsubhubbub-enabled, such as Google Reader and Blogger, are also accelerated.

My Updates Hit Cliqset In Real Time Now

Now, if you go to any user profile, such as that for Chris Brogan, Holden Page or Robert Scoble, their updates are pulled in from the Web in real time. Also, if you are following any of them on Cliqset, your main page will flow in real time, just like FriendFeed's similarly-accelerated platform does today. With Facebook also moving to real-time, users are getting more and more comfortable with new updates flowing from the top of their site downward, and they aren't tolerating delays.

As Superfeedr recently demonstrated, Pubsubhubbub is gaining traction. That Cliqset added support is the right direction, and I hope to see more and more networks making similar announcements soon.