December 02, 2009

Cinch Enables Embedding of Simple Podcasts

About five weeks ago, I told you about CinchCast, an iPhone application that lets you record audio and post it directly to social networks. As I have used the application a number of times since, my most-awaited feature has been the ability to embed these podcasts, so I can later make them available to you here on the blog. Today, they made the move, meaning I can, as with YouTube videos and other media, simply post the code and have it display in any posts.

Now, any CinchCast that you make, or those you see on, can be embedded.

Here are a few recent ones from me:

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Nov. 12th: Apple should have provided clarity and priority support to FaceBook's iPhone app.
Oct. 27th: Being a journalist is about using all your resources to get the story right - not about being uncaring.
Oct. 26th: Is social media wasting companies both time and money?
Although I use Cinch via the iPhone, you can also call in your podcasts by using their 800 number. But that would be more boring. I like this new feature a lot.

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