November 07, 2009

TweetMeme to Soon Offer Individual Channels for Top Links

TweetMeme, the popular site that highlights the hottest links distributed on Twitter, is working on a new feature that will soon be opened up to all users - a dedicated channel that shows the links you have posted to your Twitter account, how often they have been retweeted, who the original sender was, and the most popular items you've sent out over the last 24 hours or seven days. Essentially, the service follows your updates, crawls your links, and produces a single page just for your activity. While the service is not yet live for everyone, it has gone into limited testing.

To date, TweetMeme has divided top links by categories, including comedy, horror, climate change or tech topics including Google and Firefox. The new roll-out treats each user like their own category, so you could expect to see pages with user names instead.

Top Links from My TweetMeme Channel in the Last Week

An early example of such a dedicated page, for my activity, can be found here: In the future, TweetMeme hopes to make it easy enough to "skin" the page to look like your Web site, and will even offer widgets to highlight your most retweeted tweets. To make mine listed on "" instead of on "", I set up a change in my blog's CNAME record.

Should you want to, you can subscribe, via RSS, to all links distributed from these dedicated channels, or you can subscribe to a subset of the items.

For example:
  • This RSS feed provides all links from @louisgray.
  • This RSS feed shows all links from @louisgray that have the term Google.
  • This RSS feed shows all links from @louisgray that have the term Twitter.
Top items from the last seven days can be found here, while those from the last 24 hours are on this page.

The page is a preview, but will be made available to the world soon enough. TweetMeme has a lot of news planned over the next month, and will be presenting at TechCrunch's Crunchup on November 20th, so watch their blog for more on this and other new features.