November 23, 2009

my6sense Update Adds Time Filters, Social Enhancements

At the end of last week, my6sense, an iPhone application focused on digital intuition, helping you reduce information overload through focusing on content most relevant to you, introduced version 1.1 of their service to the iTunes application store. While the company mentioned the update as being "full of goodies", the top update that impacts my usage is that of filtering of relevant items by time, ensuring my focus in on items relevant both in content and in recency.

my6sense Offers Time Filters on their Relevancy Stream

my6sense's approach thus far has been to surface the most relevant items from your RSS feeds into the application, even if the article was published weeks or months ago. With the latest push, you can limit the "Relevancy" tab to the last 12, 24 or 48 hours, while the company's algorithms still apply.

The Updated Stream, Which I am Mastering, Highlights New Items

As you can imagine, for somebody like me, who reads practically every article through Google Reader when at the desktop, poring through thousands of items on a small screen like the iPhone can be a challenging task. my6sense's move to reduce clutter in my stream is a good thing, and making sure the items are new is just as important a step. The move is a major reason I recently progressed through the company's levels of digital intuition, reaching "Master" on Sunday. I've been told there are 2 or 3 more levels to go to improve.

Disclosure: my6sense is a client of Paladin Advisors Group, where I am Managing Editor of New Media. My comments on the company's product are always independent, and do not pass their way in advance.

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