September 02, 2009

Twazzup Live: Best Twitter Profiles Anywhere, Powered by Real-time

Twazzup, which initially launched as an alternative search engine for finding popular items on Twitter, has expanded its reach - first with the product offering customized versions of its page for specific events, charities, or even political movements, like the upheaval in Iran, and now, perhaps in stealth mode, the company is working on a channel called "Live", at, which presents the most thorough profiles available for Twitter - a remarkable step ahead of the standard offering.

Twitter profiles are pretty vanilla. Everybody's Twitter profile (like mine here) shows your most recent tweets, a quick Web link and bio, and your following vs. follower counts. But looking at this page doesn't give much indication of who is getting engagement, who the person is influenced by, or outside of the last 20 tweets, what they tend to discuss.

My Profile

The new service, in contrast, focuses less on the numerics of one's profile, but what actually happens when they hit the send button. As you can see on my page, the service shows top keywords and hashtags I use, my most recent tweet, who influences me, where my last few links have headed, and most interestingly, a real-time results stream of people who have mentioned me on Twitter.

A Profile for @QueenOfSpain

The result is a very clean and informative way to see who is participating in the conversation with any individual, and what they are promoting in their link economy.

With the rise of spam bots and autofollow or auto-unfollow services, the total numbers are getting less important over time, in my opinion. Twazzup is looking beyond the numbers and showing us the bigger picture - delivering what I believe to be a more accurate profile of who we are on Twitter.

You can find your own Live Twazzup profile at Just add your user name.

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