August 12, 2009

Seesmic Web Upgrades, Adding Favorites, Hashtags, Previews

Last month, I told you that I thought Seesmic's newest offering was the best Web interface for Twitter I had ever seen. In just the last month, I've seen new introductions from HootSuite, and a new entrant, Brizzly, continues to incubate. But amidst turmoil at Twitter, following a week of DDos attacks and downtime, Seesmic has bumped up its Web offering, adding inline previews for some links, Internationalization options, a new timeline for favorites, and hashtag support.

The updates are welcome and help to make the product be a more valuable tool in the social media portfolio.

You Can Preview Some Links In Line

Note the New Favorites Column and Hashtag Search

Seesmic's Web interface caught my eye initially due to its flexibility with adding multiple columns, having the option to display updates in single-line mode, much like GMail, and for its thoughtfulness in having direct messages outside the line of fire - no doubt reducing mistakes. Adding internationalization for Chinese and French users will no doubt help those folks, while adding more options, like a favorites column, is nice - especially for those who use favorites as bookmarks for later viewing.

The New Seesmic Web Service - Click for Full Version

Thanks to problems with Twitter's outages and OAuth failing much of the last week, it has been a difficult last few days for Seesmic, who had to close the Web version a good deal of the time over the weekend, and no doubt impacting this release. But with things looking like they are returning to normal, it's back to pushing new code.

See more about the new launch on the official Seesmic blog

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