August 19, 2009

Lazyfeed Adds Sharing Options to Real-time Blog Discovery Engine

As Lazyfeed inches closer to being open to the public, the real-time topic-based blog discovery engine has been listening to feedback from its beta users - many of whom had hoped there were more social elements from the potential feed reader replacement. This morning, Lazyfeed will incorporate the ability to share found items to Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail, alerting your followers to interesting news you may find through the product.

Now, every item that you see flow through Lazyfeed can be shared, levering a bottom bar that says simply "Share with friends". The service leverages both Twitter OAuth and Facebook Connect to simplify the process, letting you post a link to your Facebook Profile, or on Twitter. Both actions highlight the discovery took place on Lazyfeed.

This Item About Wikipedia On the iPhone Can Be Shared

Here Is the Item Posted to My Facebook Profile

Sharing An Item From Lazyfeed to Twitter

In addition to this feature enhancement, Lazyfeed CEO Ethan Gahng has cooked up a not-so-lazy YouTube video introducing the service, backing up my short screencast I posted last month.

Most interesting to me in the video is how Ethan uses Lazyfeed to find music, entertainment, and TV shows, branching out from my own tech news obsession. It just shows how versatile the product can be. Check out the new options at

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