July 17, 2009

TweetMeme Rolls Out RSS and E-mail Buttons, Statistics

As promised earlier this month, TweetMeme, the leading site tracking the most popular shared links on Twitter, has introduced a number of new tools that help publishers and bloggers encourage readers to distribute their stories through the popular microblogging network, all while tracking their statistics. The new tools include a FeedBurner-like chicklet that tabulates the total number of shares in the last week, and new buttons that can be embedded in your RSS feed or E-mail.

TweetMeme's New Retweet Chicklet Counter

Earlier this year, I added TweetMeme's standard "Retweet" button to posts, recognizing visitors often may want to share content they have just read with their friends on Twitter. But running standard Javascript doesn't work on RSS and E-mail, so many of my downstream readers didn't see I had done a thing. The new version operates as a standard clickable image, making this retweet functionality available to people visiting sites natively, or through Google Reader, Feedblitz or any other similar solution.

TweetMeme Tabulating Statistics By Domain On Their Site

The Four Ways You Can Integrate TweetMeme Into Your Content

TweetMeme also continues to offer a WordPress plugin for those blog authors on the platform.

In parallel with today's introductions, TweetMeme is aggressively making sure they don't undercount your sharing numbers. With today's introduction, they have added support for 11 different URL shorteners, aggregating all of these shortened URLs back to the original source and giving the author credit for the share.

TweetMeme is seeing incredible growth, having jumped on the back of the fast-accelerating Twitter at the right time, and today's introductions will no doubt further cement their role in the sharing and counting ecosystem. You can see the new chicklet in the right side of my blog, next to FeedBurner stats.

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