July 07, 2009

For My Latest USB Storage Solution, the Form Factor Is Key

At the end of May, I was able to meet with Edelman's Steve Rubel during a quick visit of his to the Bay Area. And while I already told you about one of the conversations I had with him and Steve Gillmor, Rubel was more than happy to also show off a pair of his most recent gadget related acquisitions. The first was a small iPhone stand from Seskimo that fits in your wallet. The second was a USB key that literally looked like a key, and sat on his keychain, next to the house keys and the car keys. Its simplicity and utility, at least to me, made it a must-have.

My USB key is seen here plugged into my laptop.

Needless to say, I followed up with Steve, and yes, bought both the iPhone stand and the USB key, from Lacie, called simply "iamaKey". In fact, I actually got two of these keys, and gave one to my wife, so we both can move files from laptop to laptop and location to location, no longer needing to dig through computer bags, or comb through our electronics basket to find out just where the flash drive disappeared to.

While the iamaKey from Lacie is not brand new, having been reviewed as far back as March by jkOnTheRun, it's new to me, and I haven't been eagerly awaiting any shipment from Amazon.com this eagerly since my parents sent me Mario Kart for the Wii this April. So when I got home from work this evening and learned the Lacie keys had arrived, I wasted little time in getting mine opened up, on the keychain, and pushed into service.

Weighing in at 8 gigabytes, the iamaKey isn't going to exactly replace my main hard drive, but its available size is significant enough for any project I plan moving around, from Office documents to photos, or video. For my first project, I plugged in the key to the Dell laptop from work, pushed over some PowerPoint presentations, and then plugged back into my Mac and copied the data over nice and quick. Amusingly, even the USB drive's icon looked exactly like a key - a nice touch.

With the iamaKey on my keychain now, I know I won't ever have to wonder how I can get my data to and fro, as it's always going to be there. Of course, if I lose my keys, that's a different issue altogether, so I'll try and avoid that. You can buy the drives from Lacie in both 4 gigabyte and 8 gigabyte versions here.

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