June 01, 2009

LiveFlows Highlights Popular Posts from Your Blog and Network

Ever visit a blog for the first time, and wonder if they have other posts that might be interesting to you, or wonder what other readers like you found popular? What about wondering if there were other blogs like the one you were reading that had similar content? A new offering called LiveFlows, from the team behind AssetBar and FanFlows, is now available to do just that - hoping to show each visitor the most enticing posts for them, based on how they found your site.

Companies like Outbrain are working to help readers see related items from your own blog and others in their network, while Lijit is working to show you related items that are in your social graph. LiveFlows' approach breaks up the potential content based on whether you have a new visitor, one who found you from search, or even to track what they call "dedicated fans", showing them stories they haven't yet read.

The LiveFlows widget, rather than being tacked on to each post or positioned in your sidebar, operates in a thin bottom bar at the base of each blog using it, just like you can see here on louisgray.com, on the liveflows.com blog and on other trial sites, including Jesse Stay's Staynalive.com and on Bryce Roney's blog.

LiveFlows Says "You Might Like These" Popular Posts

The widget has two parts. The first says "You might like these", showing other pages from the site, with a % probability based on other readers' statistics and your own history. The second says "View my network", highlighting the best content found in blogs that are connected using LiveFlows.

LiveFlows Highlights Other Top Posts In My Network

If you add LiveFlows to your blog, you can connect with other LiveFlows users just by clicking "Join My Network" on any widget you find on the Web, and you can see statistics for how many times users across the LiveFlows network clicked through to your content. LiveFlows' goal is to find your best content, feature it and promote it to new users, both of your site and of others. It's a solid way to get your posts more visibility, as you see fit.

You Can Check On Your Network at LiveFlows.com

Check out LiveFlows at http://www.liveflows.com.

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