May 26, 2009

Qajack Presents Fun Videocentric Social Q&A Service

Advice and answer sites like Yahoo! Answers, and the long-since defunct pioneers such as ExpertCity and have served the Web by providing a hub to ask challenging questions and getting answers from the registered community. But they haven't really found a great way to make the process social, with friends you know. Trying to capture that element, and splashing on the fun requirement of video, as well as credits on the service, a new product called Qajack looks like a lot of fun - and might even be useful.

Video plays a crucial role at Qajack. Not only do the questions get presented using your webcam, but so do the answers!

I Post a New Video Question on Qajack

If you have a question you want answered, post where it says, "What do you want to know?" and hit return. Once you've posted your question, you make a short video of less than a minute, summarize it in 140 characters or less, and add tags.

Since you want good answers, and not just any answer, you can post a "prize" of JK dollars to be won by the answer that's most appropriate. And it even costs a fraction of those dollars to answer a question, so you won't get any junk.

For example, I asked: "What are the advantages to living in Britain over the US? If I were to leave the US, why would I go there?"

Top Qajackers (as of today's standings)

You can see the first response from two of the site's three cofounders below it. Since I am offering 25 JK$, it cost him 6.25 JK$ to post his response. If he wins? Good deal, a 4 to 1 return. But if I get 5 responses, I'll actually have made a profit off my question. That in itself makes it fun, and of course, there is even a leaderboard on the site for what it calls "Top Qajackers".

Top Questions on Qajack

Qajack is very, very new, and only has 11 total users (myself included), but it has already seen comments on politics, technology, and even advice for what to do if you're only getting five hours of sleep a night, and need to focus on work. (I dared to answer that one)

My Updated Activity On Qajack

As always, you can find me at my ID of "louisgray". As cofounder Adam Martin said, "If Twitter is about brevity and inanity, Qajack is about authenticity and rich relevance." Looking forward to seeing you answer some of my questions, and don't you worry about how you look on video. I promise not to wear makeup.

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