May 18, 2009

eSocialWeb Wants You to Share Sites and Services With Friends

One of the fastest-growing niches in social networks these days is the ability to review products and services and share comments with friends, helping to discover new things and new people. We saw this trend with the debut of last month, and Likaholix in March. Also launching in that timeframe was a smaller site, focusing only on Web sites and Web applications, called eSocialWeb.

eSocialWeb breaks down Web sites into a set of familiar categories, from Entertainment and Lifestyle to Shoping, News, Technology and Business. Like with Digg, you can submit new entries if they don't already exist in the system, vote up ones that already are on the site, bury them, or add a comment. And like Digg and other services, you can link up with friends and get recommendations based on your own submissions.

Recommendations from within eSocialWeb

Submitting Apple to eScocialWeb's Index

Today, the top sites on the service include, the online finance software tool, Hulu, and XKCD, among others. And I found submitting new sites, like Apple, to eSocialWeb very simple, just like with Likaholix. You can also see the most recent activity across the site or by individual.

Recent Activity on eSocialWeb

Does the Web need another social site for friends to trade links? Maybe not. But this is one site that's trying to win a small niche with focus. Check it out at You can find me at louisgray, as always.

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