May 31, 2009

10 People To Follow On FriendFeed For May 2009

Ninth Edition Of a Monthly Series (combined with Mike Fruchter's efforts)

FriendFeed would simply be a quiet network featuring a mess of links and no interaction if it were not for the "Friend" portion of the service's name. With hundreds of thousands of known users, it can be hard for some to break through and become visible, beyond bringing a brand name from previous activity. But, with participation, many do, and we are more than eager to highlight them in this monthly feature, our ninth. As always, we strive to not miss anyone, so if you believe you or others should be included, you know how to reach us - in the comments, via e-mail, and of course, on FriendFeed.

May 2009's featured FriendFeeders are:

1) Mark Evans

Short Bio: Mark Evans is Managing Principal at Bancroft Research Group, where he develops competitive intelligence products and services for startups and Fortune 500 companies. He is also the President-elect of the American Marketing Association's San Francisco chapter. Mark is also father of four-year-old triplets, two girls and a boy.

What they find interesting: Marketing, Technology, Productivity

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2) Sheryl Breuker

Short Bio: Sheryl, along with her husband Ken Camp, runs Stardust Global Ventures, a business venture focused on mobile technology, casual computing, social media and how technologies are being integrated both at the office and at home.

What they find interesting: Podcasting, Social Media, Entertainment

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3) Thomas Power

Short Bio: Thomas Power is the Chairman of Ecademy, a business-focused social network, based in the UK. He is a professional speaker, has authored six books and was previously an advisor to BT and Microsoft.

What they find interesting: Google, social networking, startups

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4) Rochelle

Short Bio: Rochelle is the wife of Akiva Moskovitz (who we featured last month), a new mother to Audrey, and a self-proclaimed FriendFeed "superstar". She is an avid photographer.

What they find interesting: Family, News, Photography

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5) Biill Romanos

Short Bio: Bill Romanos is General Counsel at Florida Turbine Technologies, an Aerospace & Defense company. He has experience in corporate and securities law, and is an expert on intellectual property, corporate and securities law.

What they find interesting: Defense, Intelligence, Technology, Security

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6) Anika Malone

Short Bio: Anika calls herself an "opinionated mama". Mother to a young boy and girl, Anika operates in the cross-section of politics, family and technology, one day debating party affiliations, and the next, discussing food or getting rid of baby gear, assuming the family is complete. Anika lives in Southern California, and is married to Adrian Culici.

What they find interesting: Politics, Culture, Family

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7) Rick Bucich

Short Bio: Rick Bucich helps manage the marketing and social media activity for Tiny Prints, a photo card and stationary company based in Mountain View. He is a photography expert, and father to a young boy, JR.

What they find interesting: Photography, Social Media, Marketing

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8) Anne Bouey

Short Bio: If it wasn't for Anne Bouey, it's possible FriendFeed wouldn't exist. Why? Because she is mother to one of the site's cofounders, Jim Norris. Interestingly, it's very possible she uses the product even more than he does.

What they find interesting: News, Politics, Entertainment

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9) John E. Bredehoft

Short Bio: John Bredehoft, based in Ontario, California, is a product marketing consultant for MorphoTrak, having recently joined the company after nine years as a product manager for Motorola, where he was focused on fingerprint identification systems. John runs a blog network called Empoprises, a series of vertical sites with distinct focus.

What they find interesting: Technology, Business, Transportation

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10) Rachel Fox

Short Bio: Rachel Fox is a media consultant for non profits, a hobbyist photographer and a foster mom for kittens in need. Rachel is also married to Kevin Fox, a FriendFeed employee. Rachel's feed, swimming amidst a world of techies, is always entertaining.

What they find interesting: Animals, Photography

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