April 13, 2009

Likaholix Rewards Early Active Users With Kindles, Adds Moderators

About a month ago, Likaholix debuted as a site to share interests with friends, similar to aspects of both Facebook and FriendFeed. As part of their strategy to promote activity among early users, the site's developers debuted a promotion that rewarded five beta users with Amazon Kindles, provided they were among the top 30 users in terms of activity, being rated as "most interesting" or "popular". Well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Buchheit of FriendFeed and Jason Shellen of Plinky assisted in the selections, which were revealed today.

The five winners include:iJustine and Chris you probably know. The other three are more obscure, and rose to the top of Likaholix' lists due to their participation. Chris Bellevie was listed as the most active user, the 3rd highest in finding items first, and 8th most popular, while Katrina was the 4th most active, the 2nd highest in terms of finding new items to "like" on the service, and 9th most popular. Mindy is listed as the 8th most active, 7th fastest to find new items, and 10th most popular on the site. (For comparative ego purposes, I was 17th most popular...)

While the giveaway is fun, Likaholix isn't just bribing its users to stick around. The service is now launching a new Wikipedia-like moderation service that asks active users to take a more active role in the community, being able to add, edit or delete topics on other users' activity, and helping to "police the topic pages", according to Bindu Reddy, the company's founder.

Likaholix is also starting a new promotion pushing friends to get more users to the site - so if you find Likaholix likeable, you can spread the news and maybe even get rewarded. Check this link for more.

You can see my account at: http://likaholix.com/louisgray and can sign up here.

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