March 03, 2009

Personalize Your Feeds With Feedweaver

By Corvida Raven of (FriendFeed/Twitter)

feedweaverAs RSS makes attempts at going mainstream, pioneering services such as Yahoo! Pipes, Toluu, ReadBurner, and RSSMeme are helping the process of expanding applications' possibilities with RSS. Now, you can add Feedweaver to that list.

One thing I've always looked forward to in the space of RSS is the ability to share personalized groups' feeds. I can't wait to see the day when we all will share groups of personalized feed recommendations with friends and family. The digital age would really be in effect for me if this were to happen. So imagine my delight when I ran across Feedweaver, a web feed aggregator that helps you personalize your feeds.

Simply put, you're able to turn a group of individual feeds into one feed for sharing purposes.

What will immediately catch your eye with Feedweaver is the site's design. This is one gorgeous site to look at. The simplicity of the site's design led me to feel like there wouldn't be a learning curve for using this site, something mainstream users often struggle with.

Creating a feed is simple, but also has the potential to be taxing. Once you give your personalized feed a name, you need to start adding URLs, and this is where you have your work cut out for you. On the Web, there is really no easy or automatic solution to adding feeds unless you have an OPML file. Unfortunately, Feedweaver doesn't offer OPML file support on the site, leaving you the arduous task of typing in every RSS link one by one.

Some of you may subscribe to hundreds of feeds. I do. If you were to create a personalized feed, how many blogs would you probably add? 10? 20? 50? 100?

Leave a comment saying "I definitely don't suffer from ADD," if you're happily willing to find and type in 20 to 40 RSS feed links to create one feed. It would even be easier if you didn't need to type in the exact feed link. Why not make it easier and let users type in site links too and have Feedweaver find the exact RSS feed link for us?

Feedweaver List Box

Feedweaver adds filtering into the mix by allowing the users to create keyword filters for each feed link that you list. When you're done, grab the url given by Feedweaver to share with friends and colleagues. Feedweaver allows you to come back and manage your group feeds without any fuss. If you have a few feeds that you'd like to send company employees or to groups of friends, Feedweaver would be a good service to use. All in all, it's an easy to use aggregator for anyone that's not dealing with information overload.

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