March 24, 2009

Three Twitter Tools That Enhance New Follower Notifications

By Corvida Raven of (FriendFeed/Twitter)

Twitter's growing pains may have started early, but a lot of "tweeples" that have been on Twitter for some time are starting to feel their own growing pains. As Twitter's presence and exposure to mainstream increases, new follower notification e-mails are beginning to drown our inbox.

Twitter has no native functionality to help simplify the process of deciding who to follow back. As of right now, a lot of Twitter users are following this process:
  1. Receive new follower e-mail
  2. Click link to follower's profile
  3. Review profile on Twitter
  4. Follow back / Ignore
  5. Go back and delete e-mail
This is a five step process that is being simplified by three new Twitter Tools: Topify, Twimailer, and Twittfilter.


Earlier this month, Louis reviewed the Topify service. So, I won't spend too much time on this. In fact, just head to the review: Topify Enhances Twitter Following Notifications (50 Invites).

To sum up the purpose of Topify:
"The result is a more complete picture of the individual, from within your e-mail, without forcing you to go to the Twitter Web site to learn more."

Twimailer is the enhanced follower notification service I prefer to use. Twimailer follows the same concept as Topify, but presents the information in a different way visually. Each e-mail provides you with the following information:
  • 10 latest tweets
  • Follower/Following count
  • Twitter bio
  • Follow back, Block, & Spam options
Unlike Topify, Twimailer doesn't require an invite to the service in order to use it right now.


Twittfilter puts a spin on enhanced follower notifications. The approach taken with this service is to filter new followers along with enhancing the notifications. The service allows you pre-define which follower notifications you'd like to receive. Using a star rating of 1-5, Twittfilter will only pass along notifications of new followers that fit into the star rating of your choice. How is this done?
"Twittfilter will look at your friend/follow list, theirs, recent activity on both sites, friend follow ratio (and a few other things) and give you a score from 0 to 5. This can be automated but only by request."
The same algorithm is applied to your new followers. The downside to this (and most recommendation tools) is the possibility of missing out new followers that may have been of interest. Nothing's perfect, but Twittfilter does a decent job of picking accurate matches.

Better Manage Follower Overload

Now you have 3 of the best tools for managing new follower notifications. Each tools is great and gets the job done. The only real difference is the way the information is displayed within the e-mail sent by each service. After signing up for any of these tools your new follower process should be reduced from jumping back and forth between Twitter and your inbox to this:
  • Receive new follower notification
  • Read & Decide
  • Delete e-mail
For those that are already using these tools, tell us your experience with them in the comments section.

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