February 07, 2009

Real Apple Fanboys Only Have Apple Watches

I make no apologies in terms of my Apple Mac fandom. Maybe it's the fact that I live 10 minutes from Cupertino, home base for what's arguably the world's most innovative computer company. Maybe it's because I'm stubborn and when I make a choice I stick to it. But whatever the reason, while my passion for their products can ebb and flow between product releases, I will never surrender my Apple fanboy card. And one of the most telling clues that I'm Steve Jobs disciple is worn on my wrist - every single day. You see... every single wristwatch I have sports the Apple logo. Two are the "Think Different" variety, with the numbers being presented in reverse order and the hands moving in counter-clockwise fashion. The other 4 are more traditional. Two are metal and the other two are leather banded.

In June of 2007, in a post for The Apple Blog, I gave Five Lesser-Known Tips on Being an Apple Fanboy. In that list, I said to "Present the Apple Logo in a Good Light", focusing primarily on how people use the sticker on their cars, but the same could extend to how you showcase the logo on the clothes you may wear, the watches you may have, or even how you position the product. A bad customer reference is no good - and know that as a Mac user, you are being watched at all times by curious PC drones who have always secretly wondered what it would be like "on the other side".

My Current Apple Watch Collection

My first Apple watch was the white face "Think Different" watch, which I ordered from Red Light Runner back in July of 2002, for a mere $49.95. The price for these increasingly-rare watches climbed to $79.95, $99.95, and later to nearly $200, before disappearing from the site, as well as its competition, at Missing Bite. But even as I knew my watch could score a few bills on eBay, I was not interested in selling, because to me, the value was more than a couple Benjamins.

The Apple logo watches may not all have the blessing of headquarters. One I got passed on from a former Apple employee who had been given it as an incentive award. Others I got from eBay or other sites. But even if they don't have the Cupertino seal of approval, I've gotten rid of all other watches. I can do without the databank watches from Casio, or the hipness of a Swatch, or the pretentiousness of Movado or Rolex. I don't need to do calculations with my watch, or peer at a compass, or convert units to military time. I just need to get the time, and promote a great brand while doing it. And just today, I took all the watches in for new batteries, and when needed, new bands - so they are in tip-top shape.

You've seen me be unequivocally promotional of sites and products I really like. But it was Apple that first won me over more than two decades ago, and it has been my single-longest obsession. You can get one of the few remaining available Apple watches out there and join the club by picking one up at Missing Bite for $59.95. There's no question in my mind it will be worth more soon - whether you sell it or not.

Think I'm nuts? And would anybody be caught dead with a Windows or Microsoft watch?