February 04, 2009

Pluck On Demand Supplies Contextually Relevant Content Widgets

By Eric Berlin of Online Media Cultist (FriendFeed/Twitter)

Most Web site publishers and bloggers are always looking for ways to add value for their readers. And smart online publishers look to add value while also marketing themselves to a larger potential audience.

Enter Pluck on Demand, "a new self-serve product that adds contextually relevant content and social media to your site, increasing pageviews and user engagement while earning you incremental revenue."

Add content and social media to any Web site
-- powered by Pluck On Demand

In other words, Pluck on Demand is a widget that you install on a Web page that drives contextually relevant content to your site, buffing out your site's content offerings and, in theory, also making your site more visible to search engine spiders, the almighty Google in particular. And the proverbial cherry on the top is sharing in the revenue made possible by increased page views.

Here's an interview with Eric Newman, Pluck's SVP & General Manager, who explains Pluck on Demand a little bit further.

(via Allen Weiner)

It is interesting to note that Pluck pulls content from the Blogburst network to serve to their widgets. And I also learned that Pluck was purchased by Demand Media. Thus, the name Pluck on Demand has more than one meaning, it seems!

I like the idea of Pluck on Demand, but from the publisher perspective the first obvious questions have to do with whether or not the widget is really worth adding, is it just more widget bloat, does it truly help with increased search engine visibility, is the content truly relevant and useful in terms of what the Web site already offers, and so on.

Bill Sweetman of One Degree is impressed, at the least, writing that he has "been piloting this service on one of my sites and have already seen a 10% increase in traffic that I can directly attribute to Pluck On Demand. And that's without taking advantage of any of the social media widgets!"

I look forward to installing Pluck on Demand sometime down the road on Online Media Cultist to see the results for myself.

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