February 06, 2009

Bebo Announces Top 18 Finalists in B.E.S.T. Developer Competition

By Jesse Stay of Stay N' Alive (Twitter/FriendFeed)

Bebo has announced their top 18 applications for their B.E.S.T. (Bebo: Engage to Succeed Today) Developer contest . The competition, which seeks to allow developers to showcase their skills on the Bebo platform, was kicked off back in November . The competition gave developers just 2 months to build or port an application from scratch that was unique and engaging amongst the Bebo userbase. Frank Gruber (aka SomewhatFrank) , Dave McClure (aka Master of 500 Hats) , and myself (aka The "Social" Geek) were selected to judge the event. Bebo received near 2,000 applications, and has announced the top 18 of those for us to judge. Judging is currently in progress, and the results will be announced at a special awards ceremony on Feb. 18 in San Francisco . With permission from Bebo, the top 18 applications are (in the order they gave them to me, aka no particular order):

(Lil) Green Patch - By planting fruit with your friends you can help us all make the world a greener place!

Casino Empire - Practice scams, scam Casino owners, buy property, equip your alliance team

Street Football - Play your friends, enemies and other underground teams to win the title of 6-a-side Street Football champion of the world!

League of Heros - Create your own Super Hero or Super Villain and vie for supremacy of your city and the world!

FresboWorld - Shop for clothes and items to customise your avatar. Decorate your own virtual room with different furniture.

The Santa Express - Santa needs your help to make sure he delivers presents to the nice girls and boys, and bags of coal to the naughty ones.

Solid Soduku - Interested in numerology? Win by setting right numbers in right places... Invite/challenge friends and compare your abilities with the others.

Critter Wars - A fun critter game

Street Football - Take it to the Streets! Create and manage a Street Football team made up of your Bebo friends.

Fishbook - Fishbook is a fun virtual pet game where you can look after and feed your friends' fishes and collect cute little hearts.

Bowling Buddies - Enjoy a game of Bowling with your friends and show of your style through your own customisable 3D character.

The Streets - Walk through The Streets of dangerous cities, earn reputation and rank, build alliances and ultimately, an empire.

- The object of the game is to form words as quickly as possible using
letter tiles. The first player to use all their tiles then declares
"Bananas!" and wins the game.

We're Related (My Family) - Allows you to create a stick figure representation of your family and display it on your profile.

Stunt Pilot With J2Play - Take to the skies and pilot your stunt plane through various acrobatic flight maneuvers.

Robokill Trainer With J2Play - Liberate Space Station Titan Prime in this classic arcade shooter with RPG elements.

Lucky Strike Lanes - Feeling lucky? Bowl with all your buddies in the Facebook version of what the media have called "America's first true bowling lounge."

Kick Mania - Kickmania! is an animated game. Low level violence - high level fun! Kick anyone's butt and watch them fly... into a wall of bricks!

I'm very excited to judge these apps, and my preliminary overview shows that the competition will be close! Congratulations to all 18, and I look forward to seeing which one becomes winner on the 18th!

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