January 26, 2009

Twtapps: A Suite Of Five Simple And Unique Twitter Apps

By Mike Fruchter of MichaelFruchter.com (Twitter/FriendFeed)

When it comes to Twitter, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of applications built off its API. Back in November, I highlighted 15 unique and useful Twitter tools for your Twitter toolbox. Today, I ran across a company called twtapps. They develop simple, fun and useful twitter applications, and have a total of five developed. These applications do not post directly to Twitter, but instead they give you the links to share them on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or any other social network of your choosing. This post profiles their five Twitter applications.

1) Twtcard.com

twtcard is a simple greeting card for Twitter. Simply type your message, enter your Twitter user id, and select from one of the fifty square-head graphics. After you create the card, you have the option to Tweet it, or share to Facebook. You are also given a URL for your card. Here is what one looks like.

2) Twtvite.com

twtvite allows you to create and notify your Twitter friends of an upcoming event. Create the event, enter the location, date, time and the events details, and share it/ manage RSVPs. This is an application that will come in handy. The invite updates in real time as people respond with either, yes, no or a maybe. As with the rest of these applications, you have the option to Tweet it, or share to Facebook. You can also embed it on a website.

3) Twtpoll.com

twtpoll is similar to socialtoo.com, it allows you to create a very simple survey. Simply type your survey question, fill in the choice answers, and embed/share it. Survey participants can even leave comments after they have completed it. Here is what one looks like.

4) Twtpets.com

twtpets is a twitter game for pet lovers. To play the game, enter your pet's name, upload a picture, and add a description of the image. Then your pet does battle against other Twitter user's pets. It's a one on one battle with random images displayed for your pet's competitor. Refresh the page and your pet does battle with a new victim. Tyson, my boxer, pictured below did battle with Sadie the Shih Tzu. Here is what the battle page looks like. You also get a pet scoreboard to see how good your furry friend is doing.

5) Twtwlst.com

twtwlst is a gift registry twitter app. This is an Amazon wish list for Twitter. You can create a simple wish list for whatever the occasion is, and send it to your Twitter friends. Enter the occasion for your wish list, the products you want, along with a link to where they can be purchased. Tweet it, share it, and embed it on your site. Your friends now can"t say they forgot the occasion. Here is what a live one looks like.

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