December 23, 2008

TwitOrFit Says All You Blokes Are Ugly Twits, Worse than Dogs

Last Monday, TwitOrFit debuted as a HotOrNot clone for Twitter, letting you rate people's profile pictures on a scale from one to ten, low making them a "Twit" and high making them "Fit". Now that the first week's results are tabulated, it looks like the Twitter community is overwhelmed by less than average looking men, myself included. How bad is the situation? Well, according to TwitOrFit voting, only seven male profiles rate above average (average being 5.0), and every single man trails the @officedog.

As part of TwitOrFit's offering at launch, the site offered a "Top 10" list of "Fits" and "Twits". If possible, you'd prefer to be on the first list and not the second.

The Ladies Outpoll All in TwitOrFit. Men? Not So Much.

Unsurprisingly the top 10 "Fits" are rather attractive women, as determined by crowd vote. The highest score is a 6.85, owned by @popgloss, with @hansenism coming in at #10 with a tally of 6.57.

In comparison, the #1 "Fit" guy in the world, according to TwitOrFit is the rugged @bobbyllew, who snagged a 5.58 rating, two places ahead of Mashable's Pete Cashmore, who has a respectable 5.32 score.

Yet, they all trail @officedog, whose 6.37 score is 14% better than @bobbyllew, and who has held the #1 Guy position since launch.

I Can Now Assign a Numerical Score to My Ugliness

So what does this mean? Are all Twitter men a sad lot? Are the male TwitOrFit users uglier than the normal? Or are we deserving, as a whole, of our low scores? My profile picture, likely too serious, lags at a mere 2.77 on an average score from 38 users. Are the ladies this aggressive in marking guys down, or did other guys rate down their competition? Curious all around.