December 24, 2008

This Christmas Eve, Go Internet Easter Egg Hunting

By Mona Nomura of Pixel Bits (FriendFeed/Twitter)

In lieu of repeatedly wishing everyone on the Internet a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Merry Kwanzaa, I have a special gift: Internet Easter Eggs. So Merry-Happy whatever you celebrate and enjoy!'s Google's Top 10 Hidden Treasures

My favorite: Search Google for Once in Blue Moon's 10 Cool Open Source Easter Eggs

My favorite: Ubuntu's ASCII cow

home.comecast's XP Secrets

My favorite: MS Paint's Image trails.

CNET News: "10 awesome Internet Easter eggs"

My favorite: Yahoo's Singing Yokel

TechRadar also has a massive post on Easter Eggs covering software, hardware, applications, and games here.

On a related note, FriendFeed is another great resource. Not Easter Eggs, but there are two very active rooms with heaps of useful information. The App Room is one of my favorites, where users share news, reviews, questions, and of course apps here. The Goodie Room has tips, tricks, shortcuts, hacks, and How-Tos. My favorites are Google / Gmail tricks here.

So whether you're single and have no family (like me), snowed in, avoiding the holiday crowds, agoraphobic, a Grinch, or you're just addicted to the Internet, these links should keep you preoccupied for the next few days.

Happy Holidays, everyone. :)

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