December 20, 2008

i.TV Hooks Up With TiVo for iPhone DVR Scheduling

i.TV, the online TV and movie schedule application for the iPhone, which we covered during its launch and subsequent addition to the iTunes store, has added the ability for users to not just see what's on, but to add those items to their TiVo, anywhere they are. Combined with the company's recent addition of synching with Netflix, and another announcement today that you can buy movie tickets, i.TV has become an on the go digital hub connecting you with your entertainment, wherever it may be.

If you're unfamiliar, i.TV is essentially a live guide to your TV schedule, browsable on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Let the application know where you live, and your cable set up, and you can see the current schedule, or choose a future time and see what's coming. You can rate items, or even add a review of a show, directly from the phone, or see other reviews.

i.TV Hooks Up Your iPhone with Netflix and TiVo

Now, the service has added support for Netflix and TiVo in your settings. Link to your TiVo account, and you can add items to the TiVo DVRs you have registered with

i.TV Links to Your TiVo Account and Registered DVRs

Upon registering, every single show you browse has a little TiVo icon. Click the icon, and you get the option to "Record" the show, and can even add padding before or after the show, if you want to be sure to catch the ending or account for any timing shenanigans with the network.

Adding a Show to TiVo Via i.TV, With Confirmation

Once you've registered a recording, an e-mail can be sent to your account and let you know it has been confirmed, just like remote scheduling of your TiVo through TiVo's online site. The addition of TiVo services, given my recent TiVo HD XL purchase, and continued fanboyism of the Alviso company, puts i.TV back in the lead over What's On TV?, who we also covered at the end of November.

The full press release from i.TV can be found here: i.TV Adds DVR Remote Record, Streaming Video and Movie Ticket Purchasing. You can find the i.TV application for free on the iTunes store here.