December 07, 2008

Come On Down, Your iPhone is the Next Contestant!

The Price Is Right on the iPhone - Just Like the Game Show

Given our prior stories on the new UNO and Yahtzee games for the iPhone, it should come as no surprise to you that I've been having a lot of fun checking out the iPhone app for The Price Is Right, a near clone of the television game show, which I watched diligently during my misspent youth. If I remember correctly, it always came on at 10 a.m., as Bob Barker followed up the 9 a.m. Sesame Street.

Like the original game show, The Price Is Right application on the iPhone is divided into four parts.

First, you bid for an item in contestants' row.

Get closest to the price, but don't overbid!

Second, you play a contest to match prices and win prizes.

Remember Cliff Hanger?

Or It's In the Bag?

Punch a Bunch?

And Master Key?

Third, you spin the big wheel!

Getting $1.00 Is SO RANDOM.

Fourth, you have the showcase showdown to win the big prizes!

Just what would I do with a sailboat?

You might even win A NEW CAR!!!

After playing the Price Is Right app for a few days, I have to admit how much harder it is to actually play the game than it always looked on TV. While I admit, I would be "that guy" who always outbids a competitor by a dollar to try and get on stage, it's happened to me on the iPhone. And on one showcase, I bid $31,000 when the actual price was $30,750. Of course, that meant I lost when my opponent underbid by more than $7,000. I swear I was physically in pain. And don't get me started on the Big Wheel. Even if I was on a hot streak, the wheel is flat out random. There is zero skill involved, so you basically have a one in three chance of advancing even if you blew your contest.

I also learned I am horrible at putting for the Hole In One, that I always overbid for small items and underbid for large ones, and I have a tendency to draw the Strike chips out of the bag, or pick the Master Key that is a dud. I was just messing around when I picked the avatar who was losing all his hair, but by the time I win this game, the photo could actually be accurate.

But don't let my complaining stop you. If you're a fan of the game, and you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, go get it, and you could be the next contestant! It is $4.99 from the iTunes Store.