November 19, 2008

TweetValue Debuts Another Way to Rate One's Twitter Profile

Some days, it seems like more people are developing tools to help people measure their Twitter profiles against others than there are people developing tools to make Twitter better. In the wake of Twitterank, Twitter Grader and others comes a new entrant: TweetValue, which assigns not just a numerical score to your Twitter account, but a dollar value, essentially answering the unasked question, "How Much is Your Twitter Profile Worth?" And unlike the more controversial services, it doesn't require that you enter your password, so you can check out your score and still sleep at night.

The new service is simple, in that all you do is post your user name, and TweetValue returns your "worth". In fact, it's not too surprising it's simple, as the "About" page claims TweetValue was created in a mere four hours by Swedish developer Jonas Lejon. The secret sauce, he claims is that the value "is calculated with a Ph.D algoritm (sic) that is based on your public information available on your Twitter profile."

TweetValue Shows Top Values Without a Dedicated Leaderboard

According to TweetValue, my own Twitter account is worth $1,034. It's not clear if that means I could sell my profile for $1,034, or that is what it's worth per month, or ... something else, but TweetValue helpfully offers the values of other visible Twitter users, including Chris Brogan, who weighs in at $8,145, and Jeremiah Owyang, who posted a value of $3,984.

So what do we have? Yet another metric without an underlying real value, and yet another way for us to measure ourselves. If you want to get your own TweetValue, head to If you want to tell the world how you rate, go ahead and enter your Twitter password and send it through. They promise not to store it.