October 03, 2008

SB Nation Launches New Mobile Sites and Postseason Hub

With more and more sports fans wanting to get updates on the go, on their iPhones, BlackBerries, SideKicks and all other mobile devices, sports sites like ESPN and Yahoo! Sports are having to give extra focus to customizing their sites for these smaller screens. Sports Blogs Nation, a network home to more than 100 sports blogs for all professional teams from the four major sports, dozens of college teams, and other events, recently launched a new initiative that delivers customized mobile sites for all blogs, as well as a new postseason hub, dedicated to the teams in this year's baseball playoffs.

The New Mobile Athletics Nation Site

If you're as obsessed with your favorite sports teams as I am, you might find yourself feeling disconnected from the site when you're on the go. But over the last year, the SB Nation technical team updated the foundation of the hundreds of Web logs under their stead, in preparation for taking the day's posts and comments outside of their sites, and new devices and streams. The new foundation allowed users to sign in to all blogs using a shared account, and combines all user comments into a single stream, which hints at future projects. Who knows, maybe even a FriendFeed-like site for sports?

For example, my stream is here: http://www.sbnation.com/users/louismg

Fan's Photos and Comments Via Athletics Nation Mobile

If you're at your computer, you can get a sneak preview of SB Nation's new mobile interface by pointing your browser to any of the network's sites, including: http://mobile.athleticsnation.com/ for the Oakland A's, http://mobile.bleedcubbieblue.com/ for the Chicago Cubs, or http://mobile.aroundtheoval.com/ for the Ohio State Buckeyes, for example.

Also new with SB Nation is a new hub dedicated to following the Postseason. The new hub, found here: http://www.sbnation.com/mlb/postseason, has the latest posts from the active teams' blogs, as well as linescores of each game. It's a great one-stop page to get caught up on what the fans of this year's postseason clubs are saying, so check it out.

I had a long conversation yesterday with Trei Brundrett, who is leading the development team at SB Nation, and you can expect many big things coming. But for now, check out the mobile sites and the SB Nation Postseason hub. The official SB Nation blog: Blog Huddle, can be found here: http://blog.sbnation.com/.