October 20, 2008

Making Your Blogging Much More than Just "You"

On Sunday, Chris Brogan asked an important question: "How Often Do You Promote Others?", asking how often many of us are highlighting lesser-known people, sharing their items, or promoting their work, to expand awareness. One of the people Chris gave credit to was Robert Scoble, who Chris said "points me to new stuff all the time".

It's no secret a lot of my own online activity is the result of having watched watching Scoble's efforts. It was his pushing toward Google Reader, creating a link blog, and linking out to people big and small that has guided some of my own behavior. So, as I mentioned on Chris' stream in FriendFeed, here's what I'm trying to do:
  1. Highlight new services when they debut, to help give entrepreneurs a running start.
  2. Highlighting five new bloggers each month who I believe are undervalued.
  3. Adding new guest posts to the blog to showcase talent.
  4. Sharing dozens of sites on Google Reader each day.
  5. Interacting with many new people on Social Median and FriendFeed.
It's true I could always do more. I know I haven't been doing my part to make as many comments on other people's blogs as I used to. I'm not adding as many new voices to my FriendFeed as I used to, or as many new RSS feeds to Google Reader and Toluu as I once did. And I wish I had more time to test some of the brand-new services that flow into my e-mail. But we are absolutely not going to forget that despite "the blog being your brand", that it doesn't begin and end with me. I hope you can take the time to check out Chris' comments and see what you can do to promote others.

His Post: How Often Do You Promote Others