September 20, 2008

Goosh: A Command-Line Google for Geeks

I bet there's a sliver of the population who thinks Google's already spartan interface is too bright and shiny, with too many colors. This group, who finds anything with a GUI as unnecessary and a waste of pixels, would prefer to run things in the Unix shell or DOS, and is repulsed by Web 2.0 flashiness. The good news is that there is an unofficial Google shell, called "Goosh", authored by Stefan Grothkopp, which behaves just like a Unix terminal, and returns results from the Google search engine.

Logging in to

Popular FriendFeeder Mona N has an extensive write-up on the new tool on her blog Pixel Bits: Google’s Un-official Unix Shell, so check that out.

As Mona points out, Goosh essentially puts the power of Google's search into your terminal, with the ability to make specific searches for blogs, feeds, video, wiki, images or the Web at large, just by using command terms, like you would in Unix. For example, you could search, via Goosh, for "apple" and return all results for the term apple via the Web, or search for "feeds louisgray" to see RSS feeds on the Web associated with my name. results for Apple... results for Feeds with my name...

All results are clickable, taking you to the desired page.

So if you thought Google was getting too mainstream, and using the once-exclusive search engine didn't give you enough geek cred, there is now a solution. Check out, and enter "help" to get a list of commands. You can get your Google geek back. (Hat Tip: Mona on Pixel Bits)