May 19, 2008

Elite Tech News: Episode 8: Featuring Allen Stern

Yesterday was another Sunday evening, which meant another night spent filling the Web airwaves with geeky tech talk about blogging trends, where comments belong, and whether one service's success necessarily means that others will have to fail. But Sunday's agenda was aided by the addition of a blogger I've respected for a long time, Allen Stern of CenterNetworks, who just hours earlier, had issued a great bit of self-parody with a hit bound for Web 2.0 history, "Twitter Come Back".

Joining Allen and me was the show's moderator, Mark Hopkins of Mashable, and the ever-cranky but always fun Steven Hodson of WinExtra.

Despite our having a smaller array of participants, in the absence of Frederic Lardinois, Jason Kaneshiro, Tony Hung and MG Siegler, tonight's episode did not run short on time, or on energy. Our focused foursome managed to discuss:

Comcast's acquisition of Plaxo
Disqus and Seesmic Partnering Up
Whether FriendFeed and Twitter Are Signal or Noise
If the Scoble Effect Is Stable or Decreasing
Duncan Riley's First Week at the Inquisitr
Does One Company Winning Mean That Somebody Else Has to Lose?
Web 1.0 Monetization, Blog Advertising and Competition

Our producer, Art Lindsey, gave this week's podcast the title of "I Can Haz FriendFeed?" Don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.

It was great talking live with Allen, having previously only engaged on e-mail, Twitter and through blog comments, and I look forward to our gaining the opportunity to have more guests over time.

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