April 11, 2008

My Wife Plans My Death By Bacon

Though I didn't mention it here, Tuesday, April 8th was my birthday, an event I surprisingly share with social networking star Chris Brogan. While Chris got introspective in a piece called "Who Am I Really", I for the most part let the event pass. After all, to me, last year's milestone was more of a big deal. (Today, Turning 30, I Get to Start Feeling Old)

But while I downplayed my birthday, my wife didn't completely ignore it, even though we were on opposite sides of the country virtually all week.

You see... she sent me an e-mail that evening, saying I'd been signed up to "what I always wanted".... a Bacon of the Month Club. That's right. Bacon. Now, once a month, for a full year, I'll get a new package of bacon, as well as a "Bacon of the Month" ballpoint pen, free t-shirt, and a toy pig, among other hoggy eccentricities.

This new Bacon of the Month diet plan will fit in nicely alongside the shakers of "Bacon Salt" I picked up last December, in the goal of making every meal have a taste of bacon. If you're into bacon, you should try it for sure.

So what's her ulterior motive here? To reduce the number of birthdays I have remaining? To make sure that I stay heavier than she does even as she grows with our twin pregnancy? Not sure. All I know is that on my desk at work I have a new package from the Bacon of the Month club daring me to open it. Yummy.


  1. dang it, louis, you're making me hungry. and i gotta write instead of eat right now :(

    also, happy birthday!

  2. what a fun post--thanks for sharing. I bet a year from now, she will get you diet & exercise videos so you will be in peak for for watching the kids.

  3. This has to be the most random post I've ever read from you lol. I had no idea you were this obsessed with Bacon Louis!

    Btw, happy belated birthday you old fart!

  4. Louis, I had no idea we shared a similar love of bacon! Wnen I left Google, one of my going away presents was a box of bacon band-aids. I've also had the bacon salt before and found that I didn't like it. You should try making these bacon chocolate chip cookies: http://www.jessyoko.com/blog/2008/02/06/i-love-bacon/

  5. Oh and I forgot to say happy belated birthday!! :)

  6. Louis...too bad she had it sent to the office. I bet that package of bacon was RIPE when you finally opened it!!

  7. Julie, no... so far, I've just gained a t-shirt, a certificate and a pig nose. The bacon will start to arrive next month, and we will figure out if refrigeration is required.