March 15, 2008

The A's Spring Play Has Been Quite Impressive

My wife and I are now two games into our four-game stretch this Spring Training season, and if the pair of contests is any indication of how the year will go, I believe a lot of fans of the green and gold will be pleasantly surprised. After today's 10-2 thumping of the cross-town San Francisco Giants, we've now seen the A's outscore their opponents 18-3 in back to back days.

For those who follow the team, the 2008 campaign is one that's attracted a serious amount of uncertainty. Several key players from the last few seasons were traded in exchange for prospects. It's been said the team is rebuilding, and doesn't have a chance this year. But, as I've noted before, I have a more optimistic view. And this week isn't changing my opinion any.

Yesterday morning, we drove the two hours from Phoenix to Tucson in a rented Chrysler Sebring convertible (top down of course), and caught the A's game against the Chicago White Sox. In 80+ degree weather, we saw the A's open up a 2-0 lead after the first inning, tack on 3 more on the back of a 3-run Daric Barton homer, and coast to an 8-1 victory. In addition to the hitting heroics, we were excited to see Rich Harden through 5 innings of one-hit, one-run ball, coming off two injury-plagued years.

Today, we stayed closer to home, and saw the A's make the game no contest in the blink of an eye. After giving up a first-inning run, the team more than batted around against the Giants' starting pitcher, who ended up allowing 8 runs while only retiring a single batter. The team added 2 more runs in the second to push their total to double digits, and again, coasted to victory, winning by a final score of 10-2.

While we were enjoying the sun and the game play, I have to admit it's a good thing we're having Spring Training now, and not, say, in two to four weeks. At nearly 22 weeks gestation, our twins are giving my wife all sorts of fatigue and the occasional pains which have sapped her energy and made any sort of walking or even sitting for long periods draining. So now, I get to play the part of understanding husband, and have opened the door for leaving games early or not going out as much as we had planned in this short vacation. As one good friend from church somewhat jokingly offered, "You're life is coming to an end! It is over!", saying when the twins arrive, it's going to get a whole lot different around here.

But... they're not here yet. The A's hope to continue their hot streak tomorrow against the Texas Rangers, and following a game against the Kansas City Royals on Monday, we'll be headed back the Bay Area and something resembling normalcy.

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