February 11, 2008

Dear LazyWeb, Won't Somebody Notice RSSMeme's Updates?

When RSSMeme debuted on February 6th, I took a look at developer Benjamin Golub's ReadBurner competitor, and believed that while it had done a great job scraping ReadBurner's features, there were a number of ways the fledgling service had come up short. Listening to my feedback, and that of others, Golub has continued to make updates, often multiple times a day, in a race to catch up, and in some way surpass, the efforts of ReadBurner.

In the ensuing week or so, RSSMeme has seen the debut of overall statistics, the ability to search by user name or source (See: search for author: "louis"), and added filters by how long it has been since the story was published, how many total shares it received, and highlighting the fact that every feed has its own dedicated page.

Not so bad for a week's work.

Responding to my original story, Golub also was quick to highlight that the service offers pages for individual authors, pages for tags, etc. Essentially, every single page on the site has its own custom feed, an amazing level of flexibility.

Cooler still, RSSMeme debuted an option to find similar users, based on stories you share, and the ability to view all the shares for a specific site.

See that for louisgray.com here:

If that weren't enough development to keep him busy, Golub has also been working on a service that interacts with Twitter whereby you can ask questions to Twitter users en masse, by using the username @dearlazyweb. If you tweet to @dearlazyweb and ask a question, that question will be posted to dearlazy.com, showing the person's icon who asked the question, and displaying any answers. In fact, Dear LazyWeb got some love today from the official Twitter Blog. (See: Lazy Much? and Golub's note, dearlazyweb Made the Twitter Blog!)

If you use Twitter and have a question for the field, it's certainly one option. I gave it a shot a few days ago, and while it wasn't the LazyWeb that gave me a response, I did get noticed and got my question answered.

Not so bad for one guy who looks like he's innovating for the sheer fun of it, seeing what kind of services he can offer through attacking technology head-on. We'll keep watching both services, and see if ReadBurner will feel compelled to respond to the moves made by RSSMeme in the last week.