January 21, 2008

ReadBurner Revamps Look, Adds Images Features

Seemingly every 24 hours, ReadBurner is going about reinventing itself, through the addition of new features, new filtering and new feeds which add more weight to the service. Now only two weeks old, since obtaining their domain name on January 7th, ReadBurner underwent a significant upgrade yesterday, tailoring the site's look and feel to be less like a Google Reader clone (simply look at the logo in the top left of this post for what I mean) and more like a service ready to leave the beta stages.

The new look, including ReadBurner's new logo

In addition to introducing a new logo and style to the site and each of its shared items, ReadBurner introduced three new ways to view each shared item, ranging from the bare bones "Nothing", which simply shows the source, headline and sharers, to "Text", "Text + Images" and a "Complete" version, which includes the full post, with images and layout. Essentially, Alexander Marktl discovered how to deliver full feeds instead of partial feeds right into ReadBurner.

(See the below image for one with "Text + Images" enabled.)

Watching the site develop has been fun, and nothing is more fun than seeing the enthusiasm with which Alexander is going about improving his craft. Before debuting the new look, he gleefully sent me an e-mail yesterday afternoon, saying:
"I'm currently working on a major design update and by accident I found something that just blew me away: I've forgotten to striptags and when I'm now previewing the first lines of every item it brings up unbelievable content. Videos, Images, Logos and all somehow fits into the new design... Now I'm really excited :-)"

ReadBurner's development isn't going unnoticed. The fantastic Google Operating System site profiled Alexander and ReadBurner today in a piece, Popular Shared Items in Google Reader.

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  1. This one took me by surprise Louis. Not only a new function (preview), but an entirely new facelift. Impressive.

  2. I'm working w/ Readburner to incorporate the comments from my Google Reader Firefox Extension so that the comments posted from the extension will show up on Readburner. I would love to hear any thoughts on the idea.

  3. Thanks for the tip on your IntenseDebate Firefox extension. I just installed it to see how it works.