January 28, 2008

AssetBar Launches, With Google Reader In Its Crosshairs

AssetBar, the next generation social RSS feed reader, has been in heavy development mode since we first got the opportunity to test the service back in December. (See: I Have Seen the Future of Social RSS Feed Readers) After significant infrastructure updates, error-checking and GUI tweaks, the service is ready to debut in pre-release.

Unlike every other RSS feed reader out there which I've tried, AssetBar catapults the user experience out of a journey of isolation, and instead to one of shared activity, commiseration, and comments. It's like taking the power of Google Reader, and spreading over a veneer of FriendFeed. Now, instead of wondering if a friend of mine has already read an article I found interesting, I can share it (like in Google Reader), I can rate it (thumbs down, informative or read now!) and I can post public or private messages to it.

Go to www.assetbar.com. Invite code is "louisgray". My ID is louismg. Bring OPML.

Additionally, as we've highlighted in recent weeks with Google Reader, I can add items directly to AssetBar that are not part of my subscriptions.

Essentially, AssetBar has created a foundation for what I expect to be the future of RSS feed readers - not aimed at individual news consumption, but instead, aimed at collaboration. AssetBar takes a leap forward, similar to the move away from Web portals and toward social networking.

In this pre-release phase, I expect to find issues, and AssetBar has been kind enough to make the site's admin a friend to all early access users, so you can make your suggestions known. In the six weeks I've had the opportunity to enjoy AssetBar myself, I know the team responds rapidly and continues to make updates.

Next up immediately for the service? Developing a river of news and keyboard shortcuts. This will give Google Reader's high-end users a real reason to make a move. As the site's co-creater, Israel LHeureux writes, "Our 100% focus will be on adding features to get high-end users to switch from GReader. You can bet we'll be sweating it."

Want an invite? Go to www.assetbar.com. The access code is "louisgray", without quotes. My friend ID is louismg.

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  1. "This invitation code has reached its limit" or something like that.

  2. Dogo, if you need an invite, send me an e-mail to louisgray@mac.com, and we'll save your e-mail when they open up.

  3. Any Chance to receive one of those too ? if possible i'd like an invite at ben.buzzworkers@gmail.com