December 09, 2007

Our Beagle and Friends Get in the Holiday Spirit

In our house, getting ready for Christmas doesn't always mean a tree and lights, but we start in our own, special, way - by putting up small items of Christmas cheer and decking out the animals (live and stuffed) in Christmas outfits. With temperatures in the mild Bay Area dipping down to the 40s, nobody was complaining when we gave them a few extra layers, including our 18-year-old beagle, who finds this lap of luxury sufficient for her needs, staying inside near the heater, on our couch.

Molly sports a red Christmas sweater and Oakland A's blanket.

This year, she shares the living room with a pair of teddy bears in holiday spirit.

The first also is donning a red sweater and chats up a reindeer.

The second, Bradley, likes his green slippers and Santa robe.

We won't be in our condo on Christmas day, so we're not going to be making a big production of things, but it's nice of our stuffed animals and beagle to do their part to set the mood - don't you think?

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