December 14, 2007

In Defense of Calacanis' Bulldogs

There's no love lost between Silicon Valley gossip rag ValleyWag and Mahalo's Jason Calacanis. Wherever possible, Valleywag does what it can to try and embarrass or misconstrue Jason's efforts, to undermine his goals, or generally, make him look aloof. And he's in good company. The publication does the same to Robert Scoble, Michael Arrington and others, in a typical fashion the hacks jealously going after those who have the limelight.

But Valleywag's recently taken a new twist in the Calacanis bashing, teasing him about his occasional posts on his own site featuring his two bulldogs, Taurus and Fondue. No, I didn't look those names up. We know them by heart in our household, as we're avid dog lovers, and bulldogs rank highly on my wife's list of favorites (though behind our beagle, of course).

Today, Valleywag tosses another stone with "Bulldog pup photo shortage rocks Silicon Valley", not their first volley, following Bulldog pups only cure for week of crazies and other bulldog references.

But you know what? We begged for bulldog pictures. The first time Jason showed Taurus and Fondue, I demanded more and wanted his Flickr URL. He came through. (See one collection here)

This morning, I woke my wife up with Veronica Belmont and Mahalo Daily. Why? Because Taurus and Fondue were featured of course! (See: MD023 - Dog Training) We wouldn't have been watching otherwise.

Whether Valleywag likes it our not, some of us tech geeks enjoy the bulldogs. We like dogs, period. That Jason gets to share them with us is all the better. We say, please, show us more!