December 07, 2007

FriendFeed Continues Upgrades, Separates Items

Last night, social network and update aggregation service FriendFeed upgraded their servers, taking the popular site down for about an hour and coming back with something unexpected, a small, but much-appreciated, upgrade.

The site, which posts all your updates from a variety of online services in one place, including those from Google Reader, Blogger, StumbleUpon, Digg,, Netflix and more, used to aggregate your updates in a single block, organized by service.

For example, if I added 3 items to my Google Reader shared link blog, it used to say:

"Louis Gray shared Why I said “mugnormous” the other day, SmugMug Automatically Scales Photos and Video, Supports High Definition Video, and one other item on Google Reader".

Now, instead, it splits these out in a more readable way, such as:
Louis Gray shared three items on Google Reader

Why I said “mugnormous” the other day
8 hours ago

SmugMug Automatically Scales Photos and Video, Supports High Definition Video
9 hours ago

one more >>
In the last month or so, FriendFeed has been spitting out small, but useful updates. The service added a utility whereby I can share items directly to its feed (much like, but without it), the option to make comments to others' posts, and to say whether you "Like" a specific item (much like Digg).

FriendFeed has become a must-visit destination for me multiple times a day, as I can get a very narrow picture into what others I've selected to follow are doing or finding interesting. Some of those I'm following include Bret Taylor, who announced the upgrade, MG Siegler, Mihai Parparita, Dave Winer and Scott Beale.

I strongly request you sign up as well.


  1. Sounds cool but they're in private beta so one can't just sign up... I put in my email for the next go around ...

  2. Ryan, you should have been invited. Let me know if you don't get the e-mail.