December 20, 2007

Apple Posts "An Inconvenient Price" for Gore Documentary

Aside from a single presidential race, Al Gore has won quite a bit over the last few years, including an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize. He won by getting on Apple's board of directors, and he won by being a high profile advisor to Google. He's winning by being affiliated with Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers and is winning by not being a part of the 2008 presidential race, already crowded with good candidates. But his ground-breaking film, "An Inconvenient Truth", is losing opportunities on Apple's iTunes store, both by being too highly priced, and by being incorrectly labeled.

Most Apple films are $9.99 apiece, unless they are a new release, in which case they are usually $12.99. Other sought after films gain a $14.99 price tag, as Gore's film has.

Amusingly, if you go the Movie channel in Apple's iTunes store, and select "$9.99 Movies", "An Inconvenient Truth" is included, with its $14.99 price.

So are a number of other titles, including "Babel", "Freedom Writers", "Glastonbury", "Jackass 2", "Jump In!", "Nacho Libre", "The Prestige", "An Unreasonable Man", and possibly more, all of which retail for $14.99.

So what is the criteria for being listed in the "$9.99 Movies" category, if not price? Is it arbitrary? Is it a bad script that just says (price ≠ $12.99)?

Whatever it is, it's fairly inconvenient that Al Gore's great documentary is included here, as potential buyers are turned away, seeing the quintessential movie of the generation on the environment remind us instead of waste - that of money.