October 06, 2007

LDS Church Streaming Conference Live Via the Web

The LDS Church, commonly known as the "Mormon" church, has long been an adopter of technology to further the religion's message. Now with 15 million members worldwide in 176 countries, the church is the 4th largest Christian demonination, and among the fastest-growing worldwide. One of the vehicles for the church's growth has been openness. This weekend, the church's twice-annual general conference is streamed over the Web to viewers around the globe, to their homes and meetinghouses.

Available free to all via the church's university TV network, on BYU.tv, the conference's proceedings are streamed seamlessly with some of the clearest video I've ever encountered. No buffering, no jerkiness, and crisp sound.

Click to Enlarge Each Image

I get questions all the time about the church - whether at work, or from friends and acquaintances. While I can try and give my responses to the best of my ability, I am elated to see the church's adoption of new technology to embrace transparency and bring the message to all who care to hear. For a religion commonly dismissed as a cult by people who don't understand, it sure is open, available and inviting.

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