October 31, 2007

Double Feature Movie Night In Denver

With no scheduled appointments or meetings in the morning, Kristine and I took advantage of our evening and caught a double feature at the movie theater here in Denver tonight, catching George Clooney in "Michael Clayton" and Steve Carell in "Dan In Real Life" back to back - the first show at 8, and the second starting just after 10 local time.

Of the two, Michael Clayton was better designed, in my opinion. Of the many hundreds of actors who have tried to make the jump from television to the big screen, George Clooney has been among the best to pull it off. He's become a must-see actor, and has chosen some aggressive roles, such as that in "Good Night and Good Luck" and "Syriana", which were both quite notable. Carell seems to be working on his role as the next Jim Carrey, alternating slapstick humor with oddly fitting serious roles. Though he was fantastic in "Little Miss Sunshine", "Dan In Real Life" didn't feel like a modern-day classic by any stretch.

Michael Clayton dealt with Clooney's acting the part of a bagman for a top legal firm, whose job it was to clean up messes, only to get embroiled in one larger than he ever expected, which threatens to cost him his life. Though a subplot of his getting in money trouble due to a wayward brother was weak, it did serve to distinguish him from the high-rolling jet set lawyers who surrounded him.

Dan In Real Life followed a typical storyline of a lonely author seeking companionship, but finding it just out of reach. Though the plot was augmented with his being a widower with three young daughters, and sibling rivalry over a mysterious woman, it floated along surreally, with the occasional joke, while we all waited out the inevitable finish. Of course, the fact we lost video in the theater on three occasions didn't do the film any good. If I were more punitive, I'd have demanded a refund.

We haven't taken the time in recent months to be caught up at the big screen. I'm glad we took the time today and didn't have to rush home to feed the dog or get up early enough to keep our schedule normal.

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