September 01, 2007

State of the Blog: August 2007 Recap

In the spirit of Webomatica's occasional summaries, I thought it'd make sense to recap how is doing on a monthly basis. With any regularity, we might find some interesting trends (or not...)

August 2007 In Summary (Archive Page)

Total stories published: 944

Total stories published in August: 38 (Just over 1 per day)
Total stories with comments: 16 (42% of all stories)
Total comments on August posts: 40 (Just over 1 per post, 2.5 per commented post)

Technorati Authority Ranking: 117
Feedburner Peak in Month: 103 subscribers
Feedblitz E-mail Subscribers: 13 subscribers
MyBlogLog Members: 29

Monthly Traffic Rank in Last 12: 2nd (Behind only April)

Blog Value Estimator: $60,970.32

Top Five Most Visited August Stories (According to Summary)

1. iPhones Aplenty In Silicon Valley Geek Mecca
2. Attention Newbies: Not All Apple News Changes the World
3. Bourne Ultimatum Delivers, Has Me Wishing for More
4. Google Ignores Users During Major Blogger Outage
5. New Reality: Your Blog Is Your Brand

Others receiving votes: Top Ten Favorite A's Players: August, Fake Steve Jumps the Shark, What is the Future of MyBlogLog?

Top Five Visited Archive Stories (According to Summary)

1. Soft-Core Porn, Sex Themes Power Google Video
2. Watch Every Episode of The Simpsons Online - Free
3. Google Video Still Peddling Soft-Core Porn Smut
4. BitTorrent Bails Me Out on TiVo's Simpsons Miss
5. Addicting Games Sure to Reduce Productivity

I can't overstate the amount of traffic delivered from the top three stories here. No matter the time of day, or day of the week, I get surfers looking for a quick porn fix, from around the world. My notes on Google Video have driven all sorts of X-rated keywords to my site. These porn seekers also drove traffic to my topical label pages for Technology, YouTube, and Video in a big way.

There was also quite the bump in Simpsons fans traffic around the movie. Unfortunately, I didn't have a copy of the movie they could download.

In August, we had some good traffic, and some good conversations. Due to time constraints, I didn't post as often as I could, and I hope to post more in the coming months. I look forward to delivering a strong September and getting more engaged with you readers.


  1. That is interesting about your traffic from porn. I am getting a bunch of traffic from a paid review I did on the Halloween Movie. Do you find that the porn traffic converts or do they just come and go?


  2. The porn visitors certainly aren't here for the articles... once they figure out that I don't have what they are looking for, they're gone. Most commonly, they go straight to Google Video's Top 100 or Adult sites, which I'd previously linked to.

    Almost exclusively, sticky visitors come from other similar blogs.