June 05, 2007

Technorati Down Again, Google Sure to Benefit

It's happened again. Blog search engine and tagging leader Technorati's site has gone completely unresponsive. See here, here and here. It's not exactly the first time Technorati has fallen off the radar, as the site has shown an unacceptable level of instability for the last twelve to eighteen months.

For a cog so crucial to the blogosphere as Technorati not to have a robust, redundant infrastructure is something of a surprise, and the company's struggles here have been well documented to the point it's likely driving more users to Google's Blog Search and other alternatives.

Dave Sifry, the company's CEO, has been an incredibly open friend to the blogosphere, and has visited this site on more than one occasion. We'd love for him and Technorati to pull through, but at what point should we recognize we're being abused, and should just simply turn away?


  1. We're bringing our systems back online now. There was an unprecedented failure with our network equipment (redundant equipment to boot) today that we're shaking out. We'll be posting to the Technorati Blog about this soon.

  2. Ian, Thanks for the direct feedback and transparency. I understand how little pieces seemingly unexpected and out of control can have such significant impact. We absolutely wish Technorati the best.