June 07, 2007

Read Your RSS Feeds By Midnight, or Google Will Mark You Tardy

The pace at which I absorb my 180+ RSS feeds is remarkably stable. On weekdays, we see approximately 550 or so items, and on weekends, about half that number, as the blogosphere cools off, allowing families to enjoy one another a bit more than the dim lighting of laptop LCD screens for a change. And just as reliably, my Google Reader Trends marks off my every view. But last night, despite my best efforts, I just didn't get to the last two hundred or so feed items before the witching hour of midnight, and it's thrown my one-day stats into disarray.

Tuesday's baseball game featuring the A's and Red Sox, well documented here already, plus the drive home, plus post-game blogging, saw me scampering to get all my RSS feed reading in before the clock rolled over from P.M. Tuesday night to A.M. Wednesday morning. I knew that if I didn't do "my homework", Google would, correctly, say I read Tuesday's feeds Wednesday, even if, more accurately, I read them late Tuesday night, just after midnight.

You can only hit "J" so many times in a five-minute period. I tried, and I didn't make it.

Note the spike at the right side, about 1 1/2 days' worth of feeds...

So, instead of a uniform Wednesday, my Google Reader trends, at least for the next thirty days, will have a dip from Tuesday, to 342, and a spike on Wednesday, up to 762 items. And while it really shouldn't matter, I feel like I've let the Google team down. It's not as if they didn't accurately retrieve and present me my feeds on time. It's 100 percent my fault. I was late, and will have to face these consequences boldly, taking full responsibility.

Google, is there some way I can do some make up work to have this black mark erased from my record? I'm embarrassed, and I don't feel that it adequately represents my efforts.

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