June 29, 2007

New TAB Post: Let Your Apple TV in on iPhone Mania

Think the Apple TV is getting the short shrift in comparison to the seemingly unending iPhone hype? It's bad enough Steve Jobs called the set top box a hobby, but now the iPhone is being trotted out as the solution for all that ails mankind.

So, in an effort to make our Apple TV feel more welcome and part of the process, we've been watching Apple's new iPhone tutorial videos through the Apple TV, and not on our laptop. After all, who wouldn't like guides on activation for products they may not purchase on a 42-inch widescreen TV?

That's the background behind my most recent contribution to The Apple Blog, titled Let Your Apple TV in on iPhone Mania. Per agreement with them, I will not be cross-posting the piece, but instead, have provided a link. Enjoy.