June 11, 2007

Google Reader Glitch Deletes Feeds: Blogosphere Weeps

Looks like I wasn't the only person affected by a massive bug that hit the Google Reader RSS application this afternoon. More than just my trends data being wiped out, which I noticed right away, the site now shows I only have four RSS feed subscriptions, and not my normal 189 or so. The site's been going in and out over the last half hour, and if not remedied, it will have shockwaves throughout the blogosphere, directly impacting some of the most vocal RSS advocates on the planet.

Others are also seeing the issue, starting with Brian at The Faithful Skeptic, BlueFish, who notes the major hiccup, Nathan from Nerdflood, Mike from A Geek's Point of View, Josh Kim and Rachel of the Liminal Librarian.

How do I know all these folks were affected? Google Blog search, of course. Google strikes Google, I guess.

Whatever the updates are for Google Reader, assuming they ever get the site going again, better be damn good, or a lot of vocal people are going to be very pissed.

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  1. Of note, the official discussion thread for Google Reader has comments from the team saying they are aware of the problem and working on it.

    See: URGENT from the Reader team: we're working on the "feeds gone" issue.