May 30, 2007

New TAB Post: Apple iTunes vs. Comcast On Demand

This weekend we had a chance to utilize Comcast's On Demand service, renting one movie and watching some previously aired episodes. In all, it was a good experience, bringing my entertainment immediately, without waiting for time to download, or taking up hard disk space. Also, the cost for a relatively new movie was only $3.99, contrasted with the $9.99 to $12.99 I could expect to pay for a movie from iTunes. I continue to feel that iTunes is a much better option for music than it is for video, to date.

That's the background behind my most recent contribution to The Apple Blog, titled How Will Apple Compete With “On Demand”?. Per agreement with them, I will not be cross-posting the piece, but instead, have provided a link. Enjoy.

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  1. But that's not quite an apples to oranges comparison, is it? On Demand lets me see the movie once. iTunes lets me buy the movie so I can see it again and again. At least, that's how I believe the two work.

    Also, don't forget an additional cost to the comcast service which is basic monthly cost. That's not something you have with iTunes, and if you don't watch much TV, that basic monthly bill should be added into the cost of your movie.